Along the journey of FlyInTheHole


In the story mode of “FlyInTheHole“, you have to control the rescue ship to bring the crew back to the surface. Along the journey of around 6,375 km, You will face insane obstacles through layers of the Earth. These layer are Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle and Crust.

Structure of the Earth    Slice_earth

1. Inner Core

The Core are divided into two layer, Inner Core and Outer Core. The Inner Core is a layer of iron in solid state. It has distance around 1,200 km from the center of the Earth.

inner core
Inner Core

2. Outer Core

Next to the inner core is the Outer Core. This layer is a liquid state of iron that moving slowly around the Inner Core. It has distance around 2,300 km from the Inner Core.

outer core
Outer Core

3. Mantle and Crust

The Mantle is the thickest layer of the Earth which has about 2,900 km thick. It is a layer of rock that take 84% of Earth’s volume. Next to the Mantle is the Crust that ranges from 5–70 km and is the outermost layer.

mantle and crust
Mantle and Crust

Finally, If you have enough pilot skill, you can get the big bonus near the surface. The 10k Diamond!

10k diamond
Big bonus near the surface

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FlyInTheHole – Tech Laboratory : TECHNOLOGY

Diamonds that you have collected in Story Mode and Survivor Mode of “FlyInTheHole” can be used to upgrade your ship in Tech Laboratory.

Tech Laboratory is divided to three parts TECHNOLOGY, ENGINE and BODY. Four technologies you can invent in Tech Laboratory are :

  1. Diamond Magnet – Create a magnetic field that attracts diamonds.
  2. Lava Insulator – Make you survive from lava.
  3. Plasma Shield – Protect the ship from flying object.
  4. Nano-Transformation – Reduce the ship size to avoid impaction.

Invent these technologies can help you pass through unpredictable obstacles under the Earth.