FreeTheJam: Puzzle on the road [iOS] [Android]


The traffic is really bad today. Help her solve this puzzle now!

The game that is inspired by traffic problems in Bangkok,Thailand. The best way to solve these problems is to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads. By encouraging motorists to give up their cars and use public transport, you can safe time, money and environment.

In FreeTheJam, players help Sophia the traffic officer solve the ever-too-common problem of traffic jams during rush hour. To help Sophia, players need to reduce the number of idle vehicles on the road by connecting like-colored cars together. The game is packed with different missions to complete as well, such as filling a bus or a train with other vehicles, taking the ambulance to the hospital, and much more. Do you have what it takes to calm this traffic jam down?

Game Trailer:

– Connect the like-colored vehicles together to remove vehicles from the road. Don’t let the cars interrupt the traffic flow.
– Remove other vehicles from the road and replace them with the bus.
– Clear the way and let an ambulance drive to the hospital.
– Survive until the train come and fill it with other vehicles.
– Activate a special ability of vehicles to complete the missions.
– Invite your friends to help her solve this puzzles.
A game by Triple Tomato:
Triple Tomato is an indie mobile games studio. Our mission is to launch fresh and fun mobile games. We enjoy providing happy experiences on your mobile devices.
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